Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Question Paper 2005-2006

Annual Examination 2005 -2006
Business Studies
Class XI

Ques1. Is a private company required to issue a prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus?
Ques2. What is the purpose of short term and medium term finance?
Ques3. For what purpose Fidelity insurance is used?
Ques4. What is visible and invisible trade?
Ques5. Does Death and Insolvency brings an end to Joint Hindu Family Business?
Ques6. Write short notes on: (Any Two)
1. Global Depository Receipts
2. American Depository Receipts
3. Foreign Direct Investment
Ques7. Give any three limitations of Sole Proprietorship.
Ques8. What are the various incentives and financial assistance provided by the government to rural, backward and hilly areas?
Ques9. Define Partnership deed. Discuss its main contents.
Ques1o. Outline the procedure for registration of partnership. 3
Ques11. Why finance is considered as a lifeblood or backbone of business? Justify. 4
Ques12. State the various functions of Commercial Bank. 4
Ques13. Distinguish between Public warehouses and Private warehouses. 4
Ques14. Explain Perpetual Succession and Artificial person as features of a Company.4
Ques15. What are the various objectives of Public Enterprises? 4
Ques16. Explain the principle of Utmost Good Faith and Causa Proxima. 5
Ques17. Define Multinational Corporation. What are its merits for the host country? 5
Ques18. You have been asked to assist in the incorporation of a company. State the major documents you will prepare for this purpose. 5
Ques19. Enumerate the service of wholesalers to manufacturers. 5
Ques20. Give a comparative view of the three forms of organizing Public Enterprise. (Any 6 Points) 6
Ques21. Distinguish between Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.6
Ques22. What are Debentures? Explain briefly its various types. 6
What are Equity Shares? Explain its various features and limitations.
Ques23. What are Departmental Undertakings? Explain its various features and 6 limitations.
How is business transacted in mail order house? What are its advantages and limitations?
Ques24. Write short notes on any two: 6
1. Tele-Marketing
2. Franchise
3. Direct Marketing

Question Paper 2006-2007

Annual Examination 2006 -2007
Business Studies
Class XI

Ques1.Name two different parameters used to measure the size of small industrial business. 2
Ques2. What is a Prospectus? Is it necessary for every company to file a prospectus? 2
Ques3. Explain cheque facility and remittance of funds as a function of commercial banks. 2
Ques4. State whether the following statements are true or false: 2
1. The liability of members in a cooperative society is limited.
2. In a cooperative society every member has one vote irrespective of the number of shares he holds.
Ques5. Differentiate between services and goods. (Any two points) 2
Ques6. What are vending machines? 2
Ques7. Name four subgroups of small industries sector. 2
Ques8. Define Joint Stock Company. State any two advantages. 3
Ques9. State any six steps that can be taken by the enterprise to protect the environment from the dangers of pollution. 3
Ques10. What are the incentives provided by the government? 3
Ques11. Give six reasons why business do needs funds. 3
Ques12. Differentiate between partnership and sole proprietorship on the basis of: 3
1. No. of members
2. Management
3. Division of profit
Ques13. Discuss the benefits of Joint Ventures.
Ques14. Write a note on various telecom services available for enhancing business 4
Explain warehousing and its functions.
Ques15. What preferential rights are enjoyed by preference shareholders? Explain. 4
Ques16. What are the various constituents of E-business? 4
Ques17. What is Departmental Undertaking? Describe its features. 4
Discuss the features of Statutory Corporation. Under what conditions are these undertakings suitable for organizing public enterprises?
Ques18. Elaborate the steps involved in Online trading. 4
Ques19. Write short notes (any 2): 5
1. Minimum Subscription
2. Articles of association
3. Association clause
Ques20. What role does small business play in India? 5
Ques21. What are the services offered by retailer to wholesalers and manufacturers? 5
Ques22. What is a Lease Financing? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 5
What is a Financial Institution? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Ques23. Give reasons to justify why business should assume social responsibilities. 5
Ques24. Name the company which can start its business after obtaining incorporation certificate and also explain the steps involved in it? 5
Ques25. What benefits do firms derive by entering into international business? 6
Discuss briefly the factors that govern the choice of mode of entry into international business.
Ques26. Explain the import procedure. 6
Ques27. What are the services offered by retailers to wholesalers and manufacturers? 5

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Formation of a Company

Ques1. Write short notes on:
1.Qualification Shares
3.Certificate of commencement of business.
4.Objects clause of MOA.
Ques2. Is it compulsary for every company to frame its own Articles? Which company is exempt from doing so?
Ques3. State the contents of MOA.
Ques4. Which company is not required to issue a Prospectus and Why?
Ques5. Discuss the requirements which a co. has to fulfill to receive the certificate of commencement of business.
Ques6. Distinguish between AOA and MOA.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Formation of a Company

Ques1. Who are Promoters? What functions does he perform for floating a company?
Ques2. What are Preliminary contracts or Pre-incorporation contracts?
Ques3. List the documents to be submitted to the registrar for incorporation of a company.
Ques4. Write short notes on:
1. Certificate of incorporation.
2. Minimum Subscribtion.
3. Prospectus.
4. Statement in lieu of prospectus.
Ques.5. Why is Memorandum of Association called the charter of the company?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Business and Environmental protection

Ques1. What is Environment? What is environmental pollution?
Ques2. Briefly explain the causes of (i) Air Pollution, (ii) Water Pollution, (iii) Land pollution and (iv) Noise Pollution.
Ques3. What are Business Ethics? How are they different from Law?
Ques4. List any 6 Ethical Practices.

Joint hindu family business

Ques1. Who are co-parceners? What is co-parcenary interest?
Ques2. "Rewards are not related with performance in a joint hindu family business". Do you agree? Explain.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Social responsibilities of business

Ques :Define the concept of social responsibility ? why do you think a business should assume social responsiblity?
Ques2. How is social responsibility different from legal responsibility? Explain.